What is a Russian Qaraim?

A Russian Qaraim (Russian Karaim / Russian Karaite / Russian Qaraite) is a unique and specific type of Zionist Priestless-Sectarian which was first recorded by the Russian Imperial Church. Russian Qaraims are also referred to as Karaimites and as Karaite Subbotniks as well sometimes also as Old Judaists. Karaimites follow the religion of the Karimi merchants and, thanks to their belief in the Karaimite Mahmad as a prophet, are described in the East West Report as "an ancient, local Lithuanian-Moslem ethnic and religious community". Karaimites are trinitarian henosists-by-will-surrender who reject the idea of unique hypostatic union, wait for the Moshia' not for the Mashiakh, use Terabinth groves as their Mahmad in the absence of a Kanesa, and excepting leaders are uncircumcised. The Karaimite leaders may also be called Karaims or Karaites but such Karaimite Jews are quite distinct from typical Karaite Jews. For example, Karaite Jews reject Kabbalah while Karaimit Jews study it. Karaite Jews permit no Ger-Toshavs while Karaimite Jews are mostly Ger-Toshavs. Etc..

The term Russian Karaite is sometimes used erroneously to refer to Karaite Jews in the territory of the former Russian Empire.

When this Beith Deen was established all the Karaimites known to it had ancestry from the areas of the Former Russian Empire and so the term Russian Qaraim was used instead of Karaimite. The Q was used instead of the K in order to approximate the original КЪ which was used in the Imperial pre-Bolshevik Russian language. The original founders of the Beth Din included no native English speakers but it has since been pointed out to us many times that the correct English terms and spellings are indeed Karaimites, Karaitizers, and Karaite Subbotniks as mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics. While this fact is known to the Beth Din, changing the registered name of our organization is not considered a priority for the Beth Din at this time.