One of the most ubiquitous misunderstandings about Karaite Judaism is that it rejects the concept of Rabbonim and Oral Torah. Rather they should say that it rejects the Babylonian idea of an apostolic succession of Rabbinic authority through ordination descending from Sinai. That is rubbish. All people whose Kalam is sufficient have the right to call themselves Rabban. But the idea of an Oral Torah descending from Sinai is called Sevel HaYerushah in Karaite Judaism which Isaac Lutski even said included the Lurianic Kabbalah. 

Karaite Judaism does not stop being Karaite Judaism if it talks about Kabbalah and Sevel Ha-Yerushah nor even when it talks about its teachers as Rabbonim. It only stops being Karaite Judaism when it gets polluted by the concept of Rabbinic ordination by placing the authority of rabbinic qualification in the hands of an institution rather than from Kalam. The only qualification for a Karaite Rabbi has always only been one of practical, applied, natural logic. That must always come first. Even knowledge of liturgy and scripture come later.

Karaite Judaism is still Karaite Judaism as long as it rejects the authority of every club.