Qaraimizm (Караимство) means Qaraimization. It is not Karaism (Karaite Judaism) and it is not a religion but it is the practice of approximating in life certain ideas from the Bible as understood in an historical context. People who do this are called Qaraimists or Qaraimizers (Караимствующие). 

Qaraimists may be either Qaraims (Jews) or Qaraimites (Noachites). The difference between Qaraims and Qaraimits is the difference between the Biblical Ezrakh and Ger interpreted by Qaraimists as professional ('Alim) and amateur ('Ummi) respectively.

True Qaraimists reject Sadducee practices while Non-Qaraimists usually fail to distinguish Qaraims (who keep the Sevel Ha-Yerushah) from Sadducees (who reject all forms of oral Torah).