Khazar Conversions

Although the Khazars descended from men of the Israelite exiles who mixed with Turkic women, they were largely shammanized though Dyophysite Christianity had made inroads among such Huns until their convertion to the Umayyad faith was completed in 737AD. And what was the Umayyad faith? To say Islam is to ignore the history of Islam's development.

Islam was created by the Abbasids. Before that, the religion of the Umayyads, as described by Robert Spencer and David Wood  was some sort of Judaized Persian Christianity led by a Rosh Ma'amed (the MHMT of the Tayaye/ishmaelites). In fact the Quran regurgitates much of the Palestinian Talmud and its view of Jesus is clearly influenced by the Toledoth Yeshu from which the Arabic name Isa derives. It is for that reason that Gazarians still respect the Quran as a guidance for the gentiles. For the Judaizers, the word Muhammad referred to Jesus's body and before that to the Temple in Jerusalem (Ezekiel 24) until the Abbasids invented Sunnism's "Pasul" Fairy-tale Arabian Prophet by that same name. Likewise the Ummayads made the temple mount in Jerusalem their Qibla before the Abbasids changed it to Mecca. When the Abbasids rose to power Anan ben David's representative Yitzhak Sangari (d.767AD) brought the Ishmaelite Ma'amed to refuge with the Khazars who they led into Qaraite Judaism.

Thus the Khazars were originally Shammanic Turkic followers of the Judaized Umayyad faith until the arrival of Sangari. Later in 861 the Aq-Khazars invited Cyril and Methodius to debate with the Abbasid representative and Babylonian Talmudic Rabbinical Jews. The result of the debate was that the Aq-Khazars left Qaraite Judaism to adopt Rabbinical Judaism and became the Ashkenazim while the Qara-Khazars held onto Qaraite Judaism and became the Gazarians.

The layers of Shammanism, early Christianity, then Ummayad influence, and finally Qaraite Judaism are all still visible in the modern Gazarian religion.